New Album in the Works!

I'm working on a new album, "HIRAETH" (pronounced Hear-ÎTH), to be released (hopefully) late Fall 2019. This is a Welsh word, it means a deeply layered nostalgia, a profound yearning, much more than ‘missing something or someone’. There seems to be no word for it in English, as it’s more conceptual than a single word can convey.

Monica 2018For me, Hiraeth means that deep calling within each of us that we might have been ignoring or just not answering for whatever pragmatic reasons we have. A call from deep within ourselves, feelings of where we ‘should be’... a wordless ‘I don’t feel my true self in this place, this world, this time’… I have felt it when I lived in cities and wanted to be far away in the forests, the mountains… back within Nature. A childhood yearning possibly, a place where you truly feel at peace... Because the meaning expresses something beyond words within each of us, I really feel the title is perfect.

This is what I want to convey in my new musical work, that feeling of peace and passion that we all need... This will be a kind of ambient-classical album with four movements, but as it will be a journey, it will have tranquil moments as well as harder tribal music. I will be using a great deal more of my voice as an instrument, but lyrics are also in the works. I’m looking back to my years of research in world-wide mythologies; for the four movements, I am pondering on the four directions, the four seasons (if we still have four as things are changing...), the classical elements of earth, water, air and fire. Then there is Spirit, Nature, Light and Darkness.  And then of course I may add a Fifth Movement...

For those who have taken the donation route with me, they know I am very serious about the quality of my releases. Naiades was a wonderful treasure of a book. And Kindred was a lovely DVD-style piece of work. I want to create a new collectible book to go with Hiraeth.

I am currently writing it on Patreon, and those who have followed me there have been loving being part of the journey. But I have heard from those who would rather not be on Patreon, yet would like to be part of this... and I appreciate that. Soooo.... as I move forward in the next months to pressing a release, I must once again ask for help from fans and friends!


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DIGITAL RELEASE. Your name will be in the credits of Hiraeth as a special supporter online, plus a digital copy of the album! I will include you in the monthly updates as well!   Your name will be in the credits of Hiraeth as a special supporter online and in the book. Plus you'll receive a signed copy of the new album! And you will be updated monthly on the progress of the work!
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Your name will be in the credits of Hiraeth as a special supporter online and in the book, a signed copy of the new album, and a monthly update of music (in mp3 format) as I am writing.   From $5 on up, I greatly appreciate it! We will email you after your donation!

Thank you so much for your support!!!

Monica Richards, January 1st, 2019