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Kindred CD
Product 1

Full CD in DVD packaging

Monica's latest release, Kindred is her most personal album yet. The CD comes with a 16 page full color DVD-sized booklet and a new sale price. All made with recycled materials.
Download Kindred for $8.99
Naiades Book/CD
Product 2

Hardcover Art Book with CD

Monica's 2012 release, Naiades comes with a 32 page hardcover art book from comic and pop culture artists, including Bernie Wrightson, James O'Barr, Bill Sienkiewicz and menton3. Now at a special sale price!
Download Naiades for $8.99
The Strange Familiar ep
Product 3

5 Song e.p. (import)

The Strange Familiar e.p. from Germany's Danse Macabre records! Features 3 original mixes from Naiades, plus a remix of "A Good Thing" and a live piece, "Oreiades".
Download this e.p. for $3.99
Infrawarrior CD
Product 3

The U.S. Release

Monica's first solo album, released in 2007. Comes with a 16 page booklet featuring fantastic photography and design. "Intense electro-tribal darkwave with pagan overtones and profound lyrics."
Download Infrawarrior for $7.99
Strange Boutique CD
Product 3

The Collection (1988-1994)

Monica's early post-punk band, Strange Boutique, in a full compendium: "The Collection: 1988-1994", released on Metropolis Records. Contains selected tracks from all SB albums and more! See a detailed page.
All Strange Boutique Albums are available in Monica's Download Store!
: shoumei : DVD
Product 3

Faith and the Muse Live DVD

NTSC ONLY. An Evening with Faith and the Muse, celebrating the : ankoku butoh : tour, as well as unreleased videos. Special Price.
Download the Soundtrack for $8.99