"Strange Boutique - The Collection: 1988-1994"


1. The Kindest Worlds 
2. De Milo
3. Ears to the Ground 
4. We Treat the Blindness
5. Alekan Girl
6. In the Lonely Trees
7. A Certain Euphoria
8. Chant the All
9. Quicksand Minds
10. In A Heaven
11. Happy Birthday, Wanda June
12. Whipoorwill
13. Heroes

"Strange Boutique - The Collection: 1988-1994" CD was released on Metropolis Records in June, 2004. This CD contains selected tracks from every SB album, it also has their classic cover of "Heroes" (previously only released on vinyl) and the DeMilo video, re-worked especially for this release. Completely remastered for this special release.

"Strange Boutique - The Collection: 1988-1994"
Review by MacKenzie Wilson •

"The Collection: 1988-1994" is a stunning reflection of Strange Boutique's foxy rock sound. Sometimes known as "Strange Booty" by their biggest fans, Monica Richards (vocals), Fred "Freak" Smith (guitar), Steve Willett (bass), Danny Ingram (drums 1987-1991), and Rand Blackwell (drums 1991-1994) worked insanely hard for six years to make it in the music business. They toured hard and played harder, while delivering some of the most underrated and overlooked material to come out of 1980s post-punk. Exhausted and creatively strained, Strange Boutique were smart enough to call it day when things were still sweet for them as a band.

This compilation is a testament to their individuality and fierce dynamic. The Collection: 1988-1994 highlights fan favorites from each of the band's three albums, although not chronologically, but that doesn't lead to distraction. If anything, here's an opportunity to rediscover Strange Boutique classics like "De Milo," "Happy Birthday Wanda June," and "Alekan Girl." On "The Kindest Worlds" and "Ears to the Ground," Smith's playing style is particularly sharp, a signature cascade alongside Richards' hypnotic vocal charm. These songs are ageless. Even Strange Boutique's rendition of David Bowie's "Heroes," a song they would often perform on tour, is outstanding and respectfully done. Despite being snubbed by industry majors, Strange Boutique's darkwave design found its place in alternative rock and the band earned a cultlike status. This collection is a great place to start if you're unfamiliar with Strange Boutique, and an extra bonus for those who followed them throughout their all too brief tenure. [The previously unreleased video for "De Milo" is included here.]. Order.