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These are all unique and created by hand, each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Photos taken with some of Monica's musical releases and eclectic collections as backgrounds.
FATM Red Cross "Rosary"

w/ Red Beaded Chain

The original F&TM cross enameled in red by Monica. The Cross is 1", quality pewter. Tiny red glass bead chain is 22" long, with a vintage leaf toggle.
Gold Mid-Century Bracelet

Costume Rope-style

Worn during the Annwyn Tours, this is an unusual bracelet, probably from the 1950s. Approx 6.5" long, has an unusual gold tag, one side says "May", the other "1885".
Snake Mirror Necklace

Large Mirror Pendant

Lovely multi-layered pendant nearly 3" long, with an Art Nouveau double snake on a brass and mirror filigree and little crystals, on a rustic brass 30" chain.
Mermaid Triskele Necklace

Silver Triskele w/Garnet Drop

Monica's own design created for the Naiades release, a Goddess Triskele with archaic mermaids. This pendant is a solid pewter, 1.375" in diameter. Droplet is a gorgeous garnet stone. 18" Chain.
Vampire Bat Necklace

w/Red Crystals and dangles

Vintage-style multi-layered pendant nearly 4" long with bat and skeleton dangle drops. Main Bat pendant is 2.25" wide, on a matte silver18" chain with toggle. (Matching Bat earrings on this page!)
Ariadne Maze Earrings

Silver Goddess Maze Design

Fantastic double-sided Ariadne earrings, the Goddess is associated with mazes and labyrinths through the myths of the Minotaur and Theseus. Comes w/ vintage brass and solver posts.
1889-1903 Penny Earrings

w/ Wooden beads

Real "Indian head" pennies, found in an antique store with tiny holes drilled in them! A real piece of history made into earrings.
Classic Fairy Earrings

w/ Brass French Clasps

These lovely long (nearly 2") fairies are oxidized sterling silver-plated brass. Fused to oval backings with crystal top.